Training & Development

Navigating Corporate Culture, Building Enterprise D&I Business Case and identifying Strategic Initiatives

The new VP of Human Resources has requested the newly hired Director of Diversity & Inclusion to prepare a D&I Business Case deck to be shared with the Organization’s Board of Directors

Identified Needs:

  • Want to provide Corporate Culture Navigation and Communicating Up support to new D&I Director for continued career success
  • Compile Business Case PowerPoint deck capturing the ROI (return on investment) and Real vs. Perceived Business Need for focusing on Diversity & Inclusion
  • Address the specific “Asks” of the Board of Directors
  • Recommend 2-3 Targeted D&I Initiatives

  • One on One “Real Work Life Situational” Coaching in the areas of Corporate Structure Navigation, Creating Partnerships, and Communicating Vertical & Horizontal.
  • Assessed where the Organization was on the Diversity & Inclusion Journey and then identified their Business Alignment End In Mind
  • Provided and trained on how to create a Comprehensive Business Case Outline & Flow and assisted in populating necessary details
  • Compiled a specific sample of Market Area Demographics and Trends
  • Assisted in identifying the Overarching D&I Role and Focus Areas
  • Provided Strategic Metric & Report Out Templates referenced in Deck

  • The Organization now has a Comprehensive D&I Business Case Portfolio capturing Day One of their D&I Journey, Achievements, Challenges, Previous, Current & Recommended Future Solution Based Initiatives and proposed Strategic Direction
  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy is aligned with business objectives and expected outcomes
  • Affinity Groups have transitioned to Employee Business Resource Groups with focused objectives for the Business & the Participants
  • The Board of Directors have a Comprehensive D&I Strategic Road Map with Trends & Metrics from which to make current & future D&I moving forward decisions

Project Details:



Director of Diversity & Inclusion


Case Studies

The Manufacturing Organization of approximately 12,000 employees had established a Diversity Department and two Employee Affinity Groups 6 years earlier. The Organization recently filled the Director of Diversity position that had been vacant for one year and a new VP of Human Resources was hired 8 months prior. There is a knowledge & awareness gap of the Organization’s D&I history and current initiatives.