Strategic Planning

Launching of Women’s Business Resource Group

The Organization’s Workforce population is 60% Women. The Business Resource Groups’ structure and overarching mission/purpose had recently been modified and the D&I VP wanted the Women’s BRG to be implemented with new structure and guidelines.

Identified Needs:

  • Want to provide a targeted short version of diversity awareness and training to the 28 Planning Participants
  • Want to better understand the needs & expectations of this cohort
  • Want the Participants to be able to articulate the value of their BRG
  • Want to identify initiatives that will drive the 4 Overarching Diversity & Inclusion Focus Areas.
  • Want an Outcome Recap/Summary of the Launch

  • Designed and facilitated a 2 day launch of the Women’s BRG including pre-session questionnaire
  • The Launch Deck provided diversity awareness, leadership & inclusion training, BRG value proposition, strategy direction and objectives decisions, strategic initiatives per the overarching D&I Focus Areas
  • Provided Participant Resources (e.g. user friendly strategic initiative & work plan templates, glossary)
  • Delivered a “3T Strategic Road Map™” encompassing Outcomes, Resources, & Next Steps

  • The Women’s Business Resource Group has become the Operating Model for BRG’s under the new structure and strategic approach.
  • Previous BRG’s are being afforded the Strategic Planning Process.
  • The Strategic Planning Process & Templates have insured consistency in business alignment, message, value, and metrics across all Business Resource Groups to foster employee and leadership engagement.
  • BRG’s are being viewed and utilized as internal cross-functional focus groups.

Project Details:



Internal Business Resource Groups (BRG)


Case Studies

A Health Care Organization operating Nationally had established four Business Resource Groups within the last 4 years. The Organization was seeking a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant with practitioner experience in designing and managing Business Resource Groups to assist in the launching of what they believed to be their largest BRG to date-Women