Leadership Coaching

Leveraging Diversity To Achieve Organizational Objectives

Senior Leadership wants to put a focus on the value of Diversity & Inclusion by raising awareness, providing leadership development, resources and realistic expectations & direction.

Identified Needs:

  • Insight and Approach as to how D&I can assist in creating a One Company/One Vision global culture
  • Clarification and better understanding of Diversity, Inclusion, EEO, and Affirmative Action and how they do or do not relate to each other
  • Connect Evolving Market Area Demographics (populations & workforce) to the Organization’s ROI (return on investment)
  • Mind Set Change Insight as to why and how to approach short and long term change management leadership behaviors

  • Provided an “Informative Level Setting Foundation” via a highly participatory facilitated three hour training session that enhanced receptiveness and understanding of the Dimensions of Diversity and the strategic business alignment necessary by raising awareness, knowledge sharing, and level setting resource tools.
  • Session Overview Topics: Clarifying Diversity & Inclusion, Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, Role of Leadership, Mind Set Change, Evolving Demographics & Trends, Unconscious Bias, Stakeholders,Business Alignment, and ROI.

  • The 100+ Management Team Members were afforded the opportunity to not only hear the awareness messages at the same time, but to participate and interact cross-functionally in the knowledge sharing dialogue and learning the value of strategically moving forward in leveraging the evolving demographics
  • Participants came away with a better understanding and appreciation of how Inclusion fosters Engagement and High Performance Teams
  • Enabled Management Members to start identifying Diversity & Inclusion opportunities to leverage in accomplishing their Strategic Business Objectives.
  • Session content and Participant feedback assisted Senior Leadership in identifying possible components and approaches to be included in developing a Diversity & Inclusion strategy plan for the Organizaton

Project Details:



CEO, Senior Leadership, Corporate & Operations Management


Case Studies

The well established Organization has been in business for 50+ years and has recently modified its senior leadership structure and roles. The Organization continues to grow through acquisitions and has numerous operations globally.